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My Hair Loss Journey: Please read my honest personal blog

Hello, my name is David and my hair loss journey has been quite a trip!

It all started when I was 29 years old, I was getting married and wanted to look my very best ( That becomes hard when your hair is receding. ) 1 year before my wedding, I opted into trial Ashley and Martin. I have never been worried about my hair until this point in time, how bad could it be?

Well it was bad, especially when you have a professional probing your head and showing you how hideous the soon to be bald spots are. I felt down and uncomfortable. Maybe a short time with Ashley and Martin, will do the trick, but again I was wrong.

I quickly became aware the strategy Ashley and Martin was using was to maintain your current hair, not grow the hair I was losing. After about 3 years, I stopped Ashley and Martin, maybe it was inevitable my hair was meant to go, I was now married, I didn’t need it.

Slowly, slowly my hair was receding. People now were noticing the once confidant man I was, wasn’t that man anymore. To cover my hair, I wore a lot of basketball hats. This was now a staple in my daily fashion.

Apparently I had male pattern baldness, which one in two men experience over 40 years old. Nature was taking its course. Not if I had something to do about it. I started with my final option, a hair transplant.

The point of this blog is to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I made. I hope you benefit from reading my personal story.




Does it hurt? of course, no pain, no gain

For the last couple of years, I researched hair transplant companies in Melbourne.

Why do men automatically go to Turkey for hair transplants? I know its cheaper but this is your head, your hair. Would you let someone who doesn’t speak your language and not even sure their qualified to do surgery on your head? Hell NO from me.

I wanted to know I felt safe, I was close to my family and children. If something did go wrong, I trust our medical system.

I met with one hair transplant company ( I won’t name the company names ) they seemed good enough at the start, but so lucky I didn’t go ahead with them. Soon after my first consultation, this company changed their business name and we’re more of a franchise. They took a total of 6 weeks to reply to my email, it proved this was not the right company for me.

Another company, which I won’t name took my full amount of money ….. luckily I did get it back. Again, it was all rosie at the start, once it came near to the surgery date, things changed. Not bothering answering my phone calls, telling me ” sorry we are very busy “. I did not like where this was going.

Also this company was meant to send me a blood test kit. It had not arrived yet and it was one week before surgery. I felt sick in my stomach, so I rang them and demanded a refund. I got my full amount back. This was another sign that I hadn’t found the company that would look after me as a priority.

Dr. Hair to the rescue!

My prayers were answered, Dr. Hair was a business I had been monitoring for sometime. Checking his social media was a breath of fresh air. No over the top sales tactics and Instagram hadn’t been updated in years. That was a great sign. Dr. Hair was too busy to play the social media game. Plus they told me in surgery, this is a medical, it shouldn’t be promoted on social media.

I also think Dr Hairs work speak for itself. I’m truly grateful so far with their customer service and natural procedure of inputting each individual hair back on my head. I do feel like part of their wider family.

I would highly recommend if your thinking of a hair transplant to have a casual consultation with Dr. Hair. This is one of those important surgeries in ones life, make the right decision, do the research.


*Taken from their Instagram page.

Latest Update

4 weeks after surgery: this is what it looks like. My head feels pretty good! I get some stares but that is slowing down.

8 weeks after surgery: Redness seems to be at its worst stage at week 4 and 8. The hairline is looking more natuarl now.

3 months after surgery: No one can tell I have had a transplant. Very impressed with the results.

4 months after surgery: I’m loving the harline of my new look. The top of my head still needs to grow out. I already got comments about looking younger.


5 months after surgery: People have now forgotten I even got a transplant. Now I can style my hair like I use to do in my 20s.

6 months after surgery. Just went for my 6 month checkup and even Dr Hair were stunned with how much my hair has grown. They even mentioned it would get thicker over another 6 months. Over the moon with these results.

don’t leave it too late